Kylie Jenner ultra sexy in a mini dress for a romantic dinner with Travis Scott

Thursday, October 13 in Los Angeles, while she was going to Craig- his favorite restaurant – in the arms of his lover Travis Scott for a romantic dinner, Kylie Jenner raised the temperature. The pretty brunette was decked out in a slinky, shimmering black mini-dress, complete with stunning thigh-high boots. She also had her hair down. An ultra-sexy look, enough to attract attention and cause a sensation when you arrive on the scene. Note that her darling had opted for a more casual outfit, consisting of a patterned t-shirt, a winter coat, ripped jeans and a cap.

Kylie Jenner and fashion is one hell of a story of friendship. The supermodel always knows how to make a statement and surprise with her style of dress. The sexy side being, of course, always very important to her. At least that’s what Fashion Week observers saw on September 29 in Paris for the Schiaparelli fashion show. Stormi’s mom then wreaked havoc in a tight dress in dark blue velvet and XXL neckline. All eyes were obviously on her.

Always one step ahead

The day before, her look once again attracted attention, but this time for her very original character. Because if she usually puts everything on her outfit, it’s an accessory that made the difference this time. A pair of futuristic-looking white glasses, which seemed to come straight out of a science fiction film. Be that as it may, there too, the crowd as well as the observers of the event bowed to his ability to always surprise and make the right choice so that his look is systematically or almost the one that we remember.

Another accessory to which models are very often attached are handbags. But in this area, Kylie Jenner is still one step ahead of her comrades. In August, she received, as a gift from her mother for her 25th birthday, a bag Hermes Birkin worth $100,000 ! An extremely rare piece, which she had come to add to her delirious collection of bags worth $1 million. Style above all!

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