La Banque Postale, Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire, winning trio for the image of banks

The image of banks is recovering. After a difficult spring, the 10 main brands in the sector are on the rise in the Posternak-Ifop barometer. The unloved Banque Postale, in particular, is recovering.

No increases and clear decreases, especially for the Credit Mutuel (-3 points) Where the Postal Bank (-4): last June, the previous wave of the Posternak-Ifop barometer of the image of large French companies had been cruel for the banking sector. A poor performance is interpreted as a consequence of the return of inflation and financial stress for households.

La Banque Postale, Boursorama, Crdit Mutuel: inflation brings down the image of banks

Three months later, the French seem to have digested the bad news, or at least stopped blaming their banks for it. After losing 3 points in the second quarter, the banking sector is making up for lost ground, notes Claude Posternak, founder of the barometer. Credit Mutual (+3)the leader, finds the top 10 favorite companies of the French and widens the gap with the Credit Agricole (+1) who shares second place with Savings Bank (+6). Two other brands stand out: the People’s Bank (+6) and dislike her Postal Bank (+6)still at the back of the pack, but which distances itself from LCL, dead last.

1. Credit Mutuel49+3
2. Credit Agricole41+1
2. Savings Bank41+6
4. People’s Bank39+6
5. CIC33+5
6. Boursorama23+4
6. Societe Generale23+5
8. BNP Paribas21+2
9. The Postal Bank20+6

Source: Posternak-Ifop barometer, carried out from September 1 to 2, 2022 on a representative national sample of 1,002 French people aged 18 and over. The image index corresponds to the difference between the % of interviews declaring that they have a good image and the % of interviews declaring that the image of the company is poor.

The overall evolution of the banking sector resembles that of another sector that has also been battered because it is at the forefront of the rise in prices: that of energy. Whether it is electricity, gas or gasoline, energy companies have been the hardest hit by the violent resurgence of inflation. After experiencing a drop of 11 points in the second quarter, EDF took over 7 followed by Engie (+6) and TotalEnergies (+6), comments Claude Posternak.

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The favorite industries of the French do not change: the automobile and mass distribution. Peugeot thus remains the favorite brand of the French, ahead of Leclerc, Michelin, Intermarch and Citron.

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