La Fever on Canal+: who is the character of Marie Kinsky, played by Ana Girardot, inspired by?

Multiplying nods to media personalities and existing TV shows, “The Fever” questions with its character Marie Kinsky. Where does reality end and fiction begin?

Mary salutes you! Launched on March 18 on Canal+, Fever notably features Marie Kinsky, a former communicator turned comedian who does not hide her political ambitions. Played by Ana Girardot (Laflamme, Les revenants, Babyphone), this character, one of the main characters of the political series, is the antagonist of Sam Berger (Nina Meurisse), a former friend employed by a company specializing in communications crisis and opinion polls.

A character both charismatic and disturbing who reminds us of very real people present in the media or on social networks. From there to see more than similarities with Marie Kinsky?

“We are at a time when politics is becoming a playground for influencers”

“I didn’t write this character inspired by anyone in particular. I rather thought about populism in general”assured Eric Benzekri, the creator and co-writer of the series, at a press conference last February.

“Before imagining each scene with Marie Kinsky, we said to ourselves with the authors ‘Be careful, it’s a screen that spills over into the real world’”, he explains. “What I mean is that today I have the feeling of witnessing an almost abolition of reality through screens, or rather the existence of another world, a world of images, which is not the real world, but which emerges from the screen and impacts the real world”continues Eric Benzekri.

He adds : “Marie Kinsky, that’s it. A world of screens. A world of spectacle. A world of too much, of overplaying, of the theatrical. She is too beautiful, too violent, too seductive, too disturbing. This ‘too much’ there, it’s the ‘too much’ of social networks. I think we are at a time when politics is becoming a playground for influencers.”concludes the man also behind the other recent political series from Canal+, Baron noir.

An explanation which will undoubtedly allow you to see Marie Kinsky differently in the sequel to The Fever, to be seen every Monday at 9 p.m. on Canal+.

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