La Flamme or Le Flambeau quiz: in which series do we hear this line?

These are Canal+’s two flagship comedy series in recent years. But where did we hear these lines? In La Flamme or in Le Flambeau? You tell us!

Comedy series written by Jonathan Cohen, Jérémie Galan and Florent Bernard, La Flamme is a remake of the American series Burning Love which parodied television shows like The Bachelor.

The series is broadcast on Canal+ from October 12 to 26, 2020 with episodes of around thirty minutes. At the center of the program, we find Marc, an airline pilot in search of love. For nine weeks, using the codes of the reality show, thirteen contenders will compete to try to seduce the young bachelor.

The series offers an impressive cast with Jonathan Cohen in the role of the heart to take, and among the women ready for anything in this fight of seduction, we find Laure Calamy, Leïla Bekhti, Ana Girardot, or even Florence Foresti, without forgetting Vincent Dedienne in the role of TV presenter.

Building on the success of the series, the trio of screenwriters embarked on a new adventure two years later with the series Le Flambeau, this time inspired by the survival show Koh Lanta.

Based on the same humorous codes as La Flamme, the series offers us a new cast of choice with this time Jérôme Commandeur instead of Denis Brogniart, and among the candidates for survival on their desert island, Kad Merad, Ramzy Bedia, Adèle Exarchopoulos, or even the revelation Laura Felpin.

These two series offered us memorable punchlines, so it’s up to you to tell us in which of the two you could hear the seven lines present in this quiz: The Flame or The Torch?

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