La France Insoumise wants a “social emergency” law

The La France Insoumise group will submit a bill to the Assembly “to respond to the social emergency”.

The La France Insoumise group will submit a bill to the Assembly next week “to respond to the social emergency” and the soaring prices due to inflation, LFI deputy Manuel Bompard said on Friday.

“We must measure the situation in which we are today, the prices which fly away, wages which are too low. 85% of wages are today lower than the level of the minimum wage (1,302.64 euros net since the 1st May 2022, Editor’s note), that’s the reality, it’s poverty that is reaching peaks, there are 8 million people who need food aid to live, we must respond to this situation”, a- he explained on France Info.

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The bill, he said, will include two key measures: “the price freeze on basic necessities, energy, fuel. And, the increase in the minimum wage to 1,500 euros net”, two proposals that were already in Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s program for the presidential election.

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The parties began responding on Thursday

The increase in the Smic will be financed “by setting up what has been called an inter-company Fund fund which makes it possible to have the social security contributions due to this increase in the Smic taken care of by the large groups and not by the small businesses, craftsmen or traders”, insisted the deputy LFI.

Faced with the risk of political deadlock, Emmanuel Macron, who lost his absolute majority in the legislative elections, asked the opposition parties on Wednesday to “say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go” to “build compromises”: ” Enter into a coalition of government and action (or) commit to simply voting on certain texts, our budget”.

The parties began to respond on Thursday, returning the ball to the presidential camp, refusing the idea of ​​a coalition government and wishing to give Parliament its full role in examining texts “on a case-by-case basis”.

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