“La Haine”: Mathieu Kassovitz announces the death of a member of the film’s team: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Mathieu Kassovitz shared sad news on his Instagram account Friday December 1, 2023. The actor announced the death of a member of the cult film Hatereleased in 1995. This is Sophie Quiedeville who left us after a long battle with cancer at the age of 56. She worked as a general manager on the set of the feature film, before becoming a producer and then production director. The director of the film therefore wanted to pay him a nice tribute by publishing, Friday December 1, 2023 on Instagrama photo taken on the set of Hate in black and white on which we see Vincent Cassel and Saïd Taghmaoui placing a kiss on each cheek of Sophie Quiedeville. A tender photo accompanied by a caption written by Mathieu Kassovitz: “Yesterday we all lost a friend who changed the lives of many people”he began.

Sophie Quiedeville’s battle against cancer

Mathieu Kassovitz wanted to talk about the fierce battle that his colleague led against cancer: “Sophie was a friend met by chance in the cinema. She was the stage manager on Hate and then on Assassin(s). She gave everything she had for the films and for the teams who had the chance to work with her. For years, she had been fighting cancer, it was the only battle she did not win. Thank you Sophie, no one will forget you, you changed our lives”. She is not the only one who has been affected by the disease since currently, the influencer Caroline Receveur is in the middle of a battle against breast cancer. If she underwent a mastectomy on November 14, 2023, she announced bad news on November 28, 2023 on her account Instagram : “The tests showed that there were a few small cancer cells remaining in the tissue which were removed during my mastectomy”. Despite resuming chemotherapy, she prefers to focus on the positive: “As the lymph nodes are not affected, I am still very happy with the analysis results and am focusing on the positive”. A fight which is not over but which we hope she will win.

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