Lady Gaga: Suspected dog thieves charged with attempted murder

Lady Gaga
Alleged dog thieves charged with attempted murder

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After the bloody attack on Lady Gaga’s dog sitter, suspects have been arrested, including the finder of the kidnapped dogs.

Five suspects were arrested Thursday in connection with the theft of dogs from singer Lady Gaga, 35, in February. The Los Angeles police announced. According to TMZ, they were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to robbery and second degree robbery by George Gascon, LA County’s District Attorney.

Alleged dog thieves were charged

The dog sitter Ryan Fischer was shot at in the attack. “This was a brazen street crime that seriously wounded a man,” Gascon was quoted as saying, underscoring the “very serious” nature of the case. Three kidnappers aged 18, 19 and 27 were able to bring two dogs – Koji and Gustav – into their power, one – Miss Asia – escaped the men and returned to the wounded dog sitter.

Police believe the suspects targeted the dogs not because of their famous owner, but because French bulldogs are a sought-after breed that could sell for thousands of dollars.

The “finder” is also in custody

The other two suspects, who are considered accomplices by the public prosecutor’s office, are a 50-year-old woman who, as the “finder”, turned the animals over to the police two days after the theft. She said she found her on the street after Lady Gaga offered a $ 500,000 reward for her safe return. The fifth suspect has a relationship with the 50-year-old woman and is the father of one of the three attackers.

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