Lady Gaga: Your injured dog sitter is dependent on donations

Lady Gaga
Your injured dog sitter is dependent on monetary donations

Lady Gaga with one of her beloved dogs.

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Lady Gaga’s dog sitter, who was seriously injured in a robbery earlier this year, is asking for donations online.

The dog sitter of superstar Lady Gaga (35), who was seriously injured in a robbery in February of this year, has on the donation platform “GoFundMe” created a campaign. The man named Ryan Fischer asks there for a target sum of 40,000 US dollars in order to be able to finance his trip across the USA with a motorhome. According to Fischer, the trip served to process the physical and mental injuries that were inflicted on him on the night of the traumatic crime.

The reason for his lack of money: After two of the planned six months off on the country roads in the USA, his rented motorhome gave up the ghost. He is in an emotional dead end: “Without a vehicle, without an apartment, with dwindling savings and dependent on donations from my loved ones, I humbly ask for your help,” writes Fischer.

He wants to do that with the money

He wants to use the donation amount for the purchase of a new camper as well as for travel expenses. He also wanted to use the services of spiritual healers and retreat centers. He promises his supporters to share his journey and the healing process with “texts, discussions and quirky videos”. Around 16 hours after the appeal for donations went online, Fischer had already raised almost 4,000 of the 40,000 dollars.

In the attack earlier this year, two of the three French Bulldogs were kidnapped by Lady Gaga, probably with the aim of selling the valuable breeding dogs on. The perpetrators shot fishermen life-threateningly. A little later, the missing dogs reappeared. At the end of April 2021, five suspects were charged, including the attempted murder of Fischer.