Lady Louise: Tug of War with Prince Charles! Edward’s daughter to be a princess soon?

Lady Louise
After Duke’s dispute with Prince Charles: Will Edward’s daughter soon have a different title?

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It is seething behind the walls of Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles is preparing intensively to succeed Queen Elizabeth. Apparently he has already offended his youngest brother Edward in such a way that he could now pull other strings.

In the current battle of strength between Prince Charles (72) and Prince Edward (57), his daughter Lady Louise (17) should play a key role. The young woman will come of age in November 2021 and is therefore entitled, according to the royal statutes, to bear the title of “princess”. A privilege that has not yet been up for debate, but is now said to have become a bargaining chip in a dispute between her father and his brother.

Is Lady Louise caught between the fronts?

The Count of Wessex insists on a promise that was given to him on his wedding to Countess Sophie von Wessex (56) 22 years ago: After the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth (95), he would like the title of his late father Prince Philip ( † 99) received. He had personally assured him that one day he could succeed him as Duke of Edinburgh. A prospect that has now allegedly been thwarted by Charles’ plans to streamline the royal apparatus.

The heir to the throne and current honorary bearer of the ducal title of his father allegedly wants to follow the Swedish model and, like King Carl Gustaf (75), minimize the number of members of the royal family. Accordingly, only he, Duchess Camilla (73), Prince William (39), Duchess Catherine (39) and later their children would be considered working royals and have official titles.

The title of Duke of Edinburgh has emotional value for Prince Edward

An emotional affront for Prince Edward, who has been committed to the Duke of Edinburgh Award for years. But is the youngest son of the monarch so incited by the threatening disappointment that he wants to give his brother a lesson? That would be possible if he encouraged his daughter to officially wear the title of princess from the age of 18, as her cousins ​​Princess Beatrice (32) and Princess Eugenie (31) do from childhood.

It was Edward and Sophie who did not allow their children this privilege. “We try to educate them with the knowledge that they have to work for a living. That is why we made the decision that they do not have an HRH title,” said Sophie once in an interview with “The Sunday Times”, and explained at the same time: “You can decide for yourself at 18 whether you want to use it or not.” Nevertheless, it is “very unlikely that they will choose it,” she assured in that conversation.

Lady Louise is entitled to the princess title

Now the tide is said to have turned. “If Charles is playing silly title games, Edward and Sophie may need to make sure they are using the titles their family already has,” a Wessex family friend confided to the Daily Mail columnist Richard Eden. “Louise is a humble teenager and doesn’t act like a princess, but she is – that’s a fact, “says the source.

Indeed, in 1917 it was decided that all descendants of the sons of a monarch could bear the title of “Royal Highness”. It remains to be seen whether Prince Charles will incorporate this rule from a millennium into his plans for a modern monarchy. However, the fact that his younger brother could throw him off the hook when implementing a reorganization should perhaps shortly be regarded as a success.

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