Laeticia Hallyday responds to mockery about her new companion


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After the inauguration of the Johnny Hallyday esplanade, Laeticia Hallyday answered questions about her new companion, and her relationship with her ex-husband.

The Johnny Hallyday esplanade was inaugurated in Paris with great fanfare, 4 years after the singer’s death. The place is described by the entourage of the star as a place to meditate, for all those who cannot go to the West Indies to Johnny’s grave. Laeticia Hallyday herself confided to go regularly to the grave, and to speak a lot with her late husband. She asks him for advice, tells him about her current life, her joys and sorrows. The young widow told the Parisian having introduced Johnny Hallyday to his new companion, the filmmaker Jalil Lespert. She is full of praise for the one who shares her life, whom she met in the summer of 2020. Previously, Laeticia Hallyday had the impression of betraying Johnny by dating another man. She introduced Jalil Lespert to Johnny at his burial, because she felt the need, she said. “Even though it might sound weird, I keep talking to Johnny a lot” Jade and Joy’s mother confides.
The mockery did not fail to burst, as with each statement of Laeticia, which polarizes the criticisms of fan. She defended himself calmly at the microphone of BFM TV Tuesday, September 14, 2021, during the evening of homage to the rocker.

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Laeticia Hallyday, posed in front of the critics

She explains simply: “I aspire to beliefs that are dear to me and to values ​​that I pass on to my daughters; it has helped me a lot in the mourning to hang on to my beliefs, it does not matter if it does not please everyone (..) I’m not trying to please, but to stay worthy “. About her new companion, she explains that it was for her a providential meeting that helped her overcome her grief: “I am convinced that Jalil did not come into my life by chance”. The young woman has been under fire from critics for more than twenty years and the beginning of her relationship with the singer. The one who over the years has established herself as an intelligent businesswoman does not care for petty mockery, and follows her path with force.

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