Laeticia Hallyday, she adopts the trendy wavy square of the summer


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Laeticia Hallyday caused a sensation during her last appearance in Paris. Gone is the straight bob, it now displays an ultra-trendy wavy bob.

Laeticia Hallyday was presented with a check for 29,000 euros for the benefit of her association “La Bonne Etoile” after the auction of Johnny Hallyday’s blue Harley-Davidson, this Friday, June 24. The wife of the famous singer appeared transformed, swapping her blond square with a wick for a new hairstyle which had its full effect: fuzzy ripples effect combed / disheveled.

For many years, Laeticia Hallyday has been a real fan of blonde hair and short haircuts. Between a short tapered square and a boyish cut, Laeticia Hallyday also likes to bring a little touch of fantasy to her hair with a pretty lock on the side and does not hesitate to adopt glossy or slicked back hairstyles. Her latest rather surprising hair change makes us want to adopt the trend!

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Laeticia Hallyday: her crumpled curls, perfect for summer

If Laeticia Hallyday often opts for straight hair and a lock on the side, this time she wears a pretty, very natural wavy hairstyle that imitates the effect of sea water on her hair. The lengths are textured by the mixture of water, salt and sun. An ideal beach effect to sublimate the classic square cuts which also allows to bring movement and volume to its blond mane.

This sunny hairstyle is perfect for short squares as well as medium and long hair. To reproduce the look of Laeticia Hallyday: take a looper and create waves by alternating the direction of the wicks taken, which must be about 5 cm. Then use a texturizing product (spray, lotion, curl-enhancing cream, etc.) to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your hairstyle. Finish by running your hands through your hair to loosen the curls and get the nice styled/disheveled effect you’re looking for.

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