Laetitia Casta, her rare confidences about her four children: “I have always dreamed of a big family”

On stage as in life, the 45-year-old actress embodies naturalness and freshness. For her role of Antonietta, long played by Sophia Lorenthe French model plays a housewife dominated and neglected by her family. She will then learn to emancipate herself by opening up to the world. A role which, according to Louis Garrel’s partner, is not so far from what she knows deep down. Nevertheless, the stage exercise remains impressive for the actress, who explains: “Before I go on stage, I can’t talk to anyone, I’m not very pleasant.” To get into the skin of her character, the actress has something of her own: I lock myself in my dressing room for three hours and I put on loop ‘Mamma’, by Claudio Villa, which Antonietta hums in her kitchen.”she confides in the columns of Madame Figaro.

Laetitia Casta took her first steps on the stage in 2004 with Ondine, when she was 26 years old. The top model then swapped the camera flashes for the stage spotlights. Not even afraid. “Above all, I wanted to test myself as an actress. Because I had the impression that cinema was a bit of cheating”explains the one on display at the Consent, the feature film adapted from Vanessa Springora’s book on sexual control and abuse. In this regard, the actress says she pushed her daughters, Sahteene, 22, and Athena, 14, to go see the film. “It’s so important to understand how predators set their traps”she says.

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“I have the skills to manage everything because I have this desire”

She plays her role as a mother full time. She has four children, born to three different dads. The youngest, Azel, 2 years old, is the fruit of her union with Louis Garrel, with whom she shares her life today. When the team of Madame Figaro asks her if she had to give up certain things to lead her life as an actress and a mother at the same time, the actress’s response is not long in coming: “No, I haven’t given up on anything because nothing was imposed on me, these are my choices. I have always dreamed of a big family and of making cinema. I have the capacity to manage everything because I ‘I have this desire, it’s my nature, I’m hyperactive’we can in the interview with our colleagues.

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