Laetitia Casta ultra-sexy: she reveals her chest in a transparent bra (we can see everything!): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Wow! The pretty young woman of 42 years has definitely not said its last word and clearly remains one of the most beautiful on this planet! Laetitia Casta hotter than ever in a transparent red bodysuit which was still buzzing (with a snapshot of 2016) a few days ago on the Web remains more bomb than ever. A few months ago already, she even revealed herself completely naked in an excerpt from his series, on his Instagram account. His fans remain in love, and so do we!

Laetitia Casta: 42 years old and still as beautiful and sexy

The actress always makes us fall in love and fashion houses and other magazines continue to tear it away! And for good reason. At the start of this year, she was one of the stars of the Jacquemus fashion show striding the podium in tight skirt and mini-bra ; she also did the cover of Elle version Catwoman in ultra-tight leather dress and zipped up and down. Torrid ! In May, it was for the fashion and art magazine, Numéro, that la bella posed and revealed its charms. First with an explosive cover: Laetitia Casta appears sexier than ever by revealing her chest under a transparent fishnet dress.
Day by day, we could then discover the entirety of the photos from the shoot where the sublime quadra appears in ever more cannon silhouettes: provocative in leather jacket and black bodysuit or one Laetitia Casta feline and sexy, the body molded in leggings and a body revealing all its curves. The result is to die for!
Shooted by photographer Emmanuel Giraud, the 90s top model star is breathtaking also in lingerie with a transparent bra revealing her chest under a jacket, and chains accumulating around the neck. All without the slightest hint of vulgarity, on the contrary. More beautiful than ever, the beautiful brunette trendy long square and wavy on this snapshot in sensuality is obviously unanimous again, and we understand it.

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