LaFee: The singer’s comeback feels “right”

LaFee is back on stage, now her comeback album follows. The singer reveals why the return “felt right”.

LaFee (30, “Howl!”) Is back! The former teen star had her first appearance in over ten years in Florian Silbereisen’s (40) show “Schlagerchampions”. New music is now also appearing: on Friday (August 20th) the singer will release her album “Back to the Future”, celebrating a comeback in the 1980s. On the long player she reinterprets well-known classics – including Falco’s (1957-1998) “Rock Me Amadeus”, to which she played also announced a music video on Instagram.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, LaFee talks about the effects of her early success and reveals why the time for her comeback has now “felt right”. In addition, the 30-year-old looks back on her earlier appearance with a temple tattoo and dark clothing style, which she now considers “funny”.

It’s been almost ten years since your last studio album. Why is now the time for your comeback?

LaFee: I decided to come back because it just felt right. I had withdrawn for a long time to take a deep breath because I had been making music for so long. Since I started so young, there was just a point where I first had to find myself and wonder: “Is there anything else in my life besides music?” But at the end of the day I always have music in my heart and love making music above all else. That’s why I decided to return to the stage.

How long have you been working on your comeback?

LaFee: I worked on this entire musical process for exactly two years with my producer Christian Geller.

Her new album is titled “Back to the Future” and the selected songs are reminiscent of the 80s. What do you associate with this decade?

LaFee: I actually associate my entire childhood with the 80s, because even if I am a child of the 90s, I grew up with the 80s and 70s hits, because that’s my parents’ generation. And since I was always interested in music, music was never limited in time for me and never had a beginning or an end. No matter what time it came from, I always found music very interesting and aroused my curiosity. And the fact that I ended up in the 80s for the new album has something to do with my personal history. I associate a lot of memories with this time and just think that the 80s were the most appealing time for me in terms of music.

In the 2000s you celebrated great successes and top positions in the charts, as well as won several echoes. What are the downsides of fame for you? What are you doing differently today?

LaFee: Because I was able to get to know a lot at a young age, which was a huge privilege for me and which I still appreciate very much, there were of course also moments that were a bit tougher. But when, as a 30-year-old, I look back on it a little more carefully, I have to say that everything wasn’t always cool, but these moments were just part of it. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. That’s why I wouldn’t do anything different today, but do it again in exactly the same way. All of these experiences made me who I am today.

You had your first appearance in over ten years on the show “Schlagerchampions”. Why did you want to celebrate your comeback there?

LaFee: For me it was natural to come back with a huge bang. Due to the fact that the music world has changed, there are no longer so many opportunities to come back with a bang except with the grandiose shows by Florian Silbereisen, which reach a large audience. That’s why I appeared in public for the first time on his show and my music just went well with the whole costume.

Your songs used to be very rocky, now you’ve switched more to the Schlager direction. How did that happen?

LaFee: I don’t like to categorize music and I don’t pigeonhole it. For me this is “music for everyone” that I make. For some it may be hits, for others it may be German pop. I think I make music for my heart and that is important to me.

How do you look back on your former self with temple tattoo and dark clothing style?

LaFee: Looking back, I think it’s funny to look back at the temple tattoo and dark clothing style. But that was what I liked at the time. Of course it also gave me a recognition value and I was able to stand out from other singers who were in public at the time. That’s why I still stand by it and, after a number of years, I find it amusing that as a young girl I had the idea to present myself on stage like this.

Today you like to show your naturalness. Why is this so important to you?

LaFee: It is very important to me today to be able to be me and to be natural. It wasn’t possible in the past. I started at a time when I didn’t even know who I was myself. But over the years – 15 years later – I was of course allowed to make experiences that also allowed me to mature. Today nothing is more important to me than being authentic and being able to do what I love most: music. And I hope that I will reach people with it and that they will feel it the way I felt it and still feel it.

For three years you played in the series “Alles was hat”. Could you envision a return to series or to acting in general?

LaFee: At the moment my focus is entirely on my music. For many years I was not really active musically and I am now happy that music is playing a big role in my life again. Basically, however, I can also imagine playing in a film or series again.

What plans do you have for your private and professional future?

LaFee: Professionally, I hope that my music will reach a large audience and that I will be out live a lot again. In my private life, that I’m just happy.