Lambrecht and Maas versus Spahn: SPD insists on relaxations for vaccinated people

Lambrecht and Maas versus Spahn
SPD insists on relaxation for vaccinated people

Federal Health Minister Spahn rejects the debate, but the coalition partner contradicts: Even SPD Justice Minister Lambrecht sees no reason to continue to prevent non-contagious vaccinated people from exercising their basic rights.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht speaks out in favor of lifting corona restrictions for vaccinated citizens. In an interview with the editorial network in Germany, however, she mentioned reliable scientific evidence that vaccinated people cannot transmit the virus. Her party colleague, Foreign Minister Maas, has already made the same demand.

The SPD politician emphasized that the possible lifting of corona restrictions for vaccinated people is not about granting "privileges", but rather "withdrawing restrictions on fundamental rights": "It is not the exercise of fundamental rights that requires justification, but restrictions of fundamental rights by the state. "

The more intense the encroachments on fundamental rights, the higher the requirements for justifying such measures, explained Lambrecht. "If it is certain that the vaccinated person poses no danger to others, an important element of justification for the encroachment on fundamental rights falls away."

Maas also wants relaxation, Spahn does not

Maas had pleaded on the weekend in the "Bild am Sonntag" for a relaxation of the corona restrictions for people vaccinated against the virus. "Vaccinated people should be able to exercise their basic rights again," he said. The Foreign Minister named access to restaurants or cinemas as examples. The FDP takes a similar position.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer and Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, however, reject the lifting of restrictions for vaccinated people. Both argue that this would endanger the cohesion of society in the corona pandemic.