Landes: drunk, he tears a piece of cheek with his teeth from a security guard

Two brothers were sentenced for assaulting security guards and a CRS. Bites on the arm, back, face. “It’s the first time I’ve dealt with such madmen. They did not let go, ”recalls the policeman

On the evening of July 15, 2018, France was euphoric. The Blues are world football champions. In Biscarrosse, two brothers celebrate with rosé, three bottles, and become “world champions of violence and bad faith”, slips Olivier Janson, the prosecutor, this Thursday, January 13, during the hearing before the court. of Mont-de-Marsan.

“Given how they were torched, they would have made a massacre,” he continues. At the wheel of a Twingo, the duo absolutely wants to return to the campsite where they are spending their family holidays. Access by car is denied to the two brothers. The woman at security tries to take the keys from them and is hit in the head. A CRS on rest declines his quality, before intervening with another agent. “Either it calmed the situation, or it made it worse,” he testifies. The defendants choose the second option.

“Arm lock, blows with an umbrella pole… They were so surly that nothing helped. In sixteen years of career, this is the first time that I have dealt with such enrages. They did not let go and kept coming back to the charge. »

“The security guard is bitten so hard that a piece of skin is torn off,” says the president. We ended up tying them with serflexes and a trailing rope. Tourists have come to lend a hand to maintain them. »

of self-defense

“I thought they were attacking me and wanted to steal my car. I was drunk on alcohol, I don’t remember too much. We too were injured,” said one of the brothers. Feeling the dawn of self-defense, the prosecutor protested: “It is not serious, nor respectful of the victims. There is nothing blurry. This is illegitimate violence by petty criminals. »

“Two brothers who have not been talked about for three and a half years”, underlines Mand Deyts, before pleading reciprocal violence. The prosecutor requires three and four months in prison. The two brothers were sentenced to three months under an electronic bracelet.

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