Landlady shut down – young couple caught in Croatia!

The flight of the two Zechpreller – 16 and 17 years old – came to an end on Saturday night: They were arrested at a gas station in Croatia. The two ran over a sushi landlady in Linz after leaving the restaurant without paying. Good news comes from the hospital.

50 euros were the trigger for the breakneck escape. Because they didn’t want to pay for their running sushi in a restaurant in Linz, the young couple fled the restaurant on Wednesday evening. The 41-year-old landlady ran after the two drunkards – she was run over by the duo and left with serious injuries. A witness had the crucial tip: the fugitive’s car had a Graz number plate. Arrested at a gas station With this information, the public prosecutor’s office in Graz wrote out the couple for a Europe-wide manhunt. The search was successful on Saturday night: The duo, who fled across the border to Croatia, were arrested at a gas station. The public prosecutor’s office in Graz is investigating attempted murder. “But it is important to clarify the facts first,” says prosecutor spokesman Hansjörg Bacher to “Krone”. “The European Arrest Warrant is also an extradition request,” explains Bacher. It is not yet clear when the couple will be transferred to Austria. Landlady is stable There is good news from the Kepler University Hospital. The 41-year-old landlady was taken there with serious injuries. By Saturday morning, the patient’s condition had stabilized to the point that she could be transferred from the intensive care unit to a normal ward.
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