Lara Fabian close to Vladimir Putin? The singer very uncomfortable in front of a journalist

Invited on the set of LN 24, the first news channel in Belgium, this Monday, November 28, Lara Fabian was very disconcerted by the question of a journalist in relation to her relationship with Vladimir Poutine. The singer made her dissatisfaction known.

A passage on television that she will remember for a long time. Invited on the set of LN 24 to participate in the program Les Visitors du soir this Monday, November 28, Lara Fabian experienced a great moment of discomfort on the first news channel in Belgium. On the occasion of the release of his autobiography entitled EVERYTHING, the 50-year-old singer thought she was having a little promotion time as she is used to, without waves. But it has not happened. After starting to talk about his book, in which “mixes culinary experiences, childhood memories, professional background, love, friends, shit” through 17 stories ranging from her child to meeting her husband, Gabriel di Giorgio, the fifty-year-old saw the interview diverted into a field that she did not appreciate at all.

Because after a few minutes of discussion, the presenter of the show asked him a disturbing question about… Vladimir Putin : “I was told that he was in love with you, President Putin, and that he had already told you so, is that true?”. A sentence that really disconcerted the interpreter of I still believe in it: “Oh? No, at least not in this form, I know he liked what I was doing”. “He never told you to leave Europe because it could blow up in the years to come?”, then added the journalist, as if to extract a confession from Lara Fabian. But the singer then decided not to let it go.

Lara Fabian almost ended up in prison in Russia

“No. But it has nothing to do with the fact that he is in love with me. Not as you put it there. Like any artist who is invited to the Kremlin to sing in front of 6000 or 7000 people some evenings per week, I don’t know him otherwise”she then cropped, as if to close this debate which made her very uncomfortable. But the Belgian journalist did not budge : “Because I read that you risk prison in Russia in particular with a song in favor of the homosexual cause (La DiffĂ©rence, NDLR)”. Before Lara Fabian replies: “I paid a very heavy fine to sing it. I paid the fine and the night there were guards who wanted to take me away, I said ‘take me away, go'”. A very strong interview, which made the rounds of social networks in Belgium.

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