Lara Fabian horribly attacked on her physique by Thierry Ardisson, she answers


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In a Canadian show, Lara Fabian returned to an interview on French television that made her very uncomfortable.

Reflections that mark. Far from the music scene, Lara Fabian has embarked on writing. She recently published a cookbook inspired by her family traditions. This Sunday, November 14, she was invited to the Quebec version of “Tout le monde en parle” to promote it. The opportunity for the Belgian-Canadian singer to return to an embarrassing interview on French television. And the least we can say is that the interpreter of “I love you” did not keep a very good memory of it.

In 2005, she was invited to the show “Tout le monde en parle”, by Thierry Ardisson. The latter was not kind to her in relation to her physique. “There I find you … Is that Weight Watchers the producer? […] The good thing is that the breasts haven’t moved. Because sometimes, when you lose weight, you lose your breasts. “ But it is another remark which really marked her. According to the singer, Thierry Ardisson called her “black pudding”. “And again, you did not hear him say that I am a sausage, because you were kind enough to play an excerpt which is still audible, I think”, she confides not without embarrassment.

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“It was cruel”

For Lara Fabian, this interview will remain a very violent moment in her career. “But it was cruel, violent! You can see very well that… I am completely… I do not have the means to react”. And according to her, these remarks moved on its weight are typical of France and could not have been said on Canadian television. “We’re deeply benevolent here. That’s all. I wouldn’t know how to put it any other way.”, she concludes.

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