Large and high quality – Skoda Fabia: The new one even beats its brothers

Lots of new “Simply Clever” details
With the Fabia too, Skoda indulges excessively in “Simply Clever” creativity, that is, proverbial little ideas for the Czechs’ cars that can bring a smile to your face and make driving a car easier in detail (most of it is optional). Sure, there is an umbrella in the driver’s door or an ice scraper with a tire tread scale in the fuel filler cap, but there are also a few things that Skoda has never seen before. This includes a clip in the center console for credit cards and parking tickets, an elastic band as a pen holder, a removable and replaceable cup holder or a box that can be fixed between the center console and the back seat. All Skoda premieres that the Fabia has the honor of being the first to show. The cup holder, however, is of dubious utility (see video above).