Large-scale fire brigade operation – drying plant with maize caught fire

On Friday afternoon, for unknown reasons, a fire broke out in Perlsdorf (municipality of Paldau) in a drying tower of a drying plant. 98 emergency services from 12 fire brigades were on fire with 22 vehicles. The fire has now been brought under control. The extinguishing work is still ongoing.

The fire is believed to have broken out inside a drying tower filled with around 50 tons of maize. “Partly the corn smoldered, partly it burned”, according to the Feldbach fire brigade association. The high heat development also set surrounding components on fire. For the fire brigades Perlsdorf (operations management), Kohlberg, Paldau, Gnas, Maierdorf, Hatzendorf (support with drone), Feldbach, Gniebing, Axbach, Obergnas, Edelsbach and Fehring, the fire fighting was extremely difficult. The respiratory protection teams deployed had to get to the source of the fire, which was difficult to reach. A fire attack on the rest of the building was successfully prevented through extensive use. The control vehicle of the BFV Feldbach with the Florian standby was on site to support the local operations management. A fire fighter injured himself in the course of the operation and was brought to the LKH Feldbach for further control by the fire ambulance of the Red Cross. In addition to the fire brigade forces, the Red Cross with a fire ambulance and the police were on site. The cause of the fire and the amount of damage are the subject of police surveys.
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