Large-scale operation – Cobra operation in a burning house because of the knife man

On Thursday night, a house burned down in the Vorarlberg community of Blons. A resident was apparently armed with a knife – so the Cobra had to move in.

Fire broke out in the house in Blons shortly after midnight – why is still unclear. The flames quickly spread to the neighboring barn. When the emergency services arrived on site, both the house and the barn were already fully engulfed in flames. According to the police, a resident of the house was also on site. He is said to have been in a “mentally exceptional state”. The man was armed with a knife, which brought the Cobra onto the scene. Ultimately, the man was flown to the hospital by helicopter. The house and barn could no longer be saved; they burned down completely. The investigation is still ongoing; a firefighter had to be taken to hospital with suspected smoke poisoning.
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