Lars Klingbeil in “Early Start”: “Definitely the end of Hartz IV”

Lars Klingbeil in “Early Start”
“Definitely the end of Hartz IV”

Lars Klingbeil praises the compromises in citizen income and sees Germany well prepared to combat the shortage of skilled workers. On the subject of the World Cup, the SPD leader directed sharp criticism at FIFA and a demand for the DFB.

SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil has praised the compromise with the Union on citizen income. “I’m very proud that we got this off the ground and I’m very happy that the mediation committee now seems to have gotten a good result and that the reform of citizen’s income will finally be launched in the Bundesrat on Friday “said Klingbeil in “early start” on ntv.

When asked whether Hartz IV was finally history, the SPD leader said: “Yes, definitely. 20 years ago we had a reform that put a lot of pressure on people. We had mass unemployment, so you had to have a lot Forcing people into employment, the state had a completely different role.”

“Constructive forces in the Union have prevailed”

On Tuesday, the traffic light parties had agreed with the Union on a compromise on citizen income. Officially, the result of the negotiations must be decided this evening in the mediation committee of the Bundesrat and Bundestag. Both chambers could then approve the bill this week.

Klingbeil emphasized that today we are living in “times of a shortage of skilled workers” and that the citizen’s income is bringing about a “real cultural change”: “We ensure real qualifications and we are also combating the shortage of skilled workers that exists in Germany. That is a real change in the system .” With regard to the talks with the Union, the SPD politician emphasized: “I’m glad that in the end the constructive forces in the Union have prevailed, especially from the federal states.” The Union, on the other hand, celebrated the agreement as a success for itself.

“FIFA is destroying our football”

In the course of the debate about the ban on wearing the “One Love” bandage at the World Cup in Qatar, Klingbeil called for consequences for FIFA boss Gianni Infantino. Klingbeil protected the players of the German national team.

“I would have wished that there had been a clear sign and that the officials of the DFB were also clear there,” said the SPD politician. Klingbeil added: “The fact that many sports officials have done a lot wrong in the last 12 years cannot be blamed on the players.”

Klingbeil emphasized with a view to FIFA: “It is right that the DFB is filing a complaint, it is right that Mr. Infantino is now being refused re-election. So I expect the DFB to deal with the whole thing politically now. FIFA is doing it right now ruined our football and there must be consequences.”

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