Larusso: Rare and funny statement to her husband, her “rock” (EXCLUDED)

It’s a hit that marked an entire generation. You will forget me still continues to resonate in many evenings, twenty-three years later. Larusso, author of this cover of a piece by the late Régine, which then became the hit of the summer in 1999, is still proud of it. Years later, the singer revealed to how she handled this meteoric success. But not only, the one who could count on her mother also mentioned another important person in her life: her husband.

It is in an original way that Larusso spoke about her husband, in the interview 10 seconds for. The one who won season 2 of Mask Singer, disguised as a penguin, must have said the opposite of everything she thinks of the one who shares her life. “The opposite of my husband? He is not nice, ugly, not intelligent, very mean, not at all supportive, and he always leaves me alone in my corner“, she explained in front of the camera.

His best friend, his confidant

About her husband, Larusso confides only infrequently. Upon his release from Mask Singer, in 2021, she had mentioned the latter to our colleagues from Gala. “He is very proud and happy for me. As long as I feel good, he is good. That’s his sentence! Besides being my husband, they `re my best friendshe delivered. He’s my confidant, he’s my rock, he’s my protector. We really want the other to be good. As long as I’m happy in what I’m doing, there’s no evil around me, it’s the happiest thing in the world.

She also took the opportunity to talk about her difficulties in becoming a mother and the social pressure exerted on women. During his interview with, she talked about the most important woman for her: her mother. When asked how she handled the post-You will forget me, Arthur’s cousin replied: “Mthank you mom.“It must be said that her mother has always been very present for her and that the 42-year-old artist has largely been able to count on her support.

Exclusive interview that cannot be resumed without mentioning

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