Laschet stronger than Baerbock: Triell spectators see Scholz in front again

Lash stronger than Baerbock
Triell viewers see Scholz in front again

SPD candidate Scholz also lands in the favor of the audience in the last TV triall. According to a Forsa survey, CDU man Laschet is doing better than in previous programs. For the first time, he can leave the Green candidate Baerbock behind.

After an initial survey, SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz emerged again as the clear winner of the third triall. In the Forsa survey for ProSieben, Sat.1 and Kabeleins after the broadcast was over, 42 percent said the Vice Chancellor had won the triumph. In second place is CDU candidate Armin Laschet with 27 percent. Green leader Annalena Baerbock came just behind on 25 percent. 6 percent were undecided. Forsa asked 2291 viewers who were eligible to vote for the survey, according to the broadcaster. The survey therefore does not refer to all eligible voters in Germany, but only to TV viewers.

In contrast to the previous programs, Laschet succeeded in doing better than Baerbock. After the broadcast a week ago on ARD and ZDF, only 20 percent said they saw Laschet as the winner, 26 percent saw Barbock in front, 30 percent Scholz. The triumph was similar on ntv and RTL at the end of August. Here too Scholz was ahead, followed by Baerbock and Laschet.

The third triall was also the last part of this series of formats before the federal election, in which the broadcasters took turns in aligning. Former “Tagesschau” spokeswoman and current ProSieben presenter Linda Zervakis and Sat.1 presenter Claudia von Brauchitsch hosted the program. Scholz as well as Laschet and Baerbock emphasized their different positions in climate, tax and social policy.

In several places, especially on social issues, agreement between Scholz and Baerbock became clear. Here you clearly stand out from Laschet. The very factual debate did not produce any significant new insights. Laschet, Scholz and Baerbock largely repeated their positions from numerous campaign speeches and from the two previous Triells.

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