Last chance: Telekom Allnet Flat with 20 GB data volume for 15 euros


An Allnet flat rate with 20 GB in the Telekom network for little money: the currently best price in the best network comes from freenet. But the deal ends today.

D1 deal freenet

Very few users need more than 20 GB of data volume and Telekom’s D1 network is the best choice in many cases. Freenet is now providing this cell phone tariff with an attractive price tag. Because most customers will currently pay significantly more for the current mobile phone contract with the same scope of services.

The deal ends at midnight on January 26th, the last hours are running.

Telekom SIM card
  • Surfing speed 25 MBit/s

  • telecom network

  • No connection price with SMS

  • EU roaming

  • FLAT telephony & SMS

Access to Telekom’s fastest 5G network is, as usual, impossible in this price range, but still not all smartphones support this standard. With 25 MBit/s in the download, the surfing speed is also limited because the LTE network used could provide a significantly faster connection. However, 25 MBit/s is fast enough for almost all conceivable applications, including video streaming. Comparable tariffs can be found, for example, at Sparhandy – there you can currently only get 15 GB of data volume for the same price.

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In doing so, freenet is adding another snapper to the existing deal portfolio in the D networks. Because the provider already sells an all-network flat rate with 10 GB in the D1 network for just under 10 euros a month via the Klarmobil brand, while a deal is in the shop window for the Crash brand in Vodafone’s D2 network.

The connection price of 39.99 will be refunded if an SMS with the text “AP free” (without special characters) is sent to 8362 within 30 days of activation. This SMS costs a one-time fee of 19 cents.

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