Last community chooses – one more time: election in a merged community

The Tyrolean marathon is being extended: Matrei am Brenner is the last municipality to vote after the merger. Five lists and four BM candidates are running.

It’s okay once, maybe twice if there’s a run-off election – which is likely with four mayoral candidates! On Sunday, the community of Matrei am Brenner will elect the new mayor and its 15-member community council. Almost 3,000 citizens are entitled to vote. Each of the four candidates brings experience from parish offices of past periods, when Matrei, Mühlbachl and Pfons were still separate communities. Coupling should secure mandate Any party designation does not have any of the five lists in their name, but the Patrick Geir team is considered close to SPÖ. At 32, the list leader is the youngest among the mayoral candidates, but he is not a blank slate: he was a municipal councilor and municipal executive in Mühlbachl for twelve years. There, however, he could not beat the long-standing village chief Alfons Rastner in the last mayoral election in 2016. With a list coupling, “overhang votes” are to be converted into a mandate. Candidates with a lot of experience Opponent Alexander Woertz also brings some experience with him: He was last mayor of Pfons. Woertz has to compete with another political heavyweight, who, however, supports the second ÖVP-related list next to his: Paul Hauser was mayor in Matrei for 18 years and is now running for 30th place on the “Mitanond für Matrei” list, which as mayoral candidate Christian Papes sent into the race. He is also no stranger to the Wipptal: Papes has been vice village chief in Mühlbachl since 2016 due to a list link with Alfons Rastner. Thomas Diregger held the same office, but a stone’s throw further in Pfons. He is the fourth in the league of mayoral candidates. He also has twelve years of experience in municipal politics. The list of pensioners wants votes Unbeatable in terms of experience, however, is the list of pensioners, which – as mentioned above – is linked to Patrick Geir’s SPÖ-related grouping and is the only list that does not have a mayoral candidate. Its proponents have been anchored in local politics in Matrei for decades. According to their information, 1,000 of the approximately 3,000 eligible voters are older than 60!
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