last day of annexation votes hosted by Russia

Cover image: A Russian military vehicle passes under a billboard that reads: “With Russia, forever. September 27” in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. September 22, 2022. PA

  • The G7 countries have sworn not to “never recognize” the results of the voteswhile Washington promised a response “quick and severe” through economic sanctions in addition to these annexations, which follow the pattern of that of Crimea in March 2014. China, Moscow’s closest partner, called for respect “territorial integrity of all countries”.
  • “The situation in the Donetsk region is particularly difficult”said Volodymyr Zelensky during his daily address. “We are doing everything possible to subdue enemy activity. This is our number one objective since it is also that of the occupier. »
  • kyiv said it is investigating a new mass grave near the Russian border, ten days after discovering more than 440 graves and a mass grave near Izium, in the same region of Kharkiv. The soldiers and officials evoke 90 to 100 bodies, without giving details.
  • Oleksandr Striouk, Ukrainian Mayor of Sievierodonetskdenounced on Telegram the “lie and propaganda” from « referendum of the Russian Federation (…) which only has the name”. These polls, open until tomorrow in four regions of Ukraine totally or partly controlled by Moscow, should make it possible to ward off the apparent legality of the annexation by Russia of these regions. the occupants brought several buses of people from Crimea to Melitopol and Berdyansk the day before. »
  • The oligarch Evgueni Prigojine acknowledges, for the first time, having founded the Wagner mercenary group. This close friend of Vladimir Putin had been accused for years of being the financier of a group of mercenaries in the service of the Kremlin. He admitted their presence in Ukraine, Africa and Latin America.
  • The United States has publicly and privately called on Russia to end its nuclear threat rhetoric in the war in Ukraine, a weapon whose use would have, warns Washington, consequences “catastrophic”.
  • Port city of Odessa in southern Ukraine reportedly attacked with Iranian-made drones used by the Russian military, Ukrainian military authorities said on Sunday.
  • According to information spotted by the Reuters news agency, two senior Russian parliamentarians expressed criticism on Sunday of the campaign to mobilize reservists in Russiarequiring local officials to control the situation and quickly end the ” excess “ which angered the public.
  • Moscow also tightened, on Saturday, the penalties incurred by deserters. Vladimir Putin has signed amendments providing for up to ten years in prison for soldiers who desert or refuse to fight. The Russian president also signed a law that facilitates access to Russian citizenship for foreigners who enlist for at least a year in the army, at a time when Moscow is trying by all means to recruit more men to fight in Ukraine.

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