last hours to claim the bonus of 100 euros on the tax site

The fuel allowance worth 100 euros, intended for 10 million households, is to be claimed by Friday evening. Then it will be too late.

While fuel prices are still very high at 1.82euro per liter on average for diesel or 1.88euro for a liter of SP95-E10, here is an aid that should not be missed. Until Friday March 31, you can request a fuel aid of 100 euros on the tax website which will then be paid to you by the tax authorities.

This allowance has been available to 10 million individuals since January 16. It takes over from the rebate on pump prices in effect in 2022.

Strict conditions to respect

The tax authorities have set up a simulator to check your eligibility for this bonus of 100 euros which is conditional on your resources. To take advantage of this, the ceiling is set at 14,700 euros of reference tax income (RFR) per tax share. In concrete terms, this amounts to approximately 1314 euros net per month for a single person or even 3941 euros for a couple with two children.

To be able to claim the 2023 fuel allowance, you must earn less than…
Household compositionMaximum monthly net salary, per household
single person


Couple with 1 child


Single woman with 2 children


Couple with 2 children


Couple with 3 children


Source: government. Thresholds corresponding to the 5th decile of the year 2021 (reference tax income per unit less than 14,700 euros).
Precision of Matignon: Assuming that the corresponding salary is the only household income. If there are two assets, this is their combined income.

To make your request, you must indicate your tax number as well as the number of the license plate of the vehicle. You must complete a sworn statement stating that you need your car to get to work.

A payment within 10 days

If you meet the required conditions, the tax authorities will pay you the compensation of 100 euros within 10 days. Please note that the delay may be a little longer according to the testimonies of several applicants.

According to the latest tally carried out by the Minister of Economy and Finance, as of March 13, 6.5 million people had claimed this fuel.

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