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Laura Müller
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Laura Müller


All the news about Michael Wendler and Laura Müller in the Brigitte ticker: Laura Müller receives an immoral offer +++ Laura Müller advertises – but the company doesn't know about it +++ New couple picture on Instagram.

News about Michael Wendler and Laura Müller in the Brigitte ticker

January 21, 2021

Laura Müller receives an immoral offer

Laura Müller, 20, has to see where she is. At the side of Michael Wendler, 48, the young woman has a hard time pursuing her job as an influencer. After the singer shot himself further and further with his statements, Laura's advertising partner also turned away from her. Manager Markus Krampe, 44, ended the collaboration with the couple. Now the two have to see how they can get money. Apparently there is someone who could help the influencer now.

As reported by "Bild", erotic actor Manuel Stallion, 39, a job offer for Laura Müller: The Berliner offers the young woman 100,000 euros for a porn casting. "The current events around Michael Wendler gave me the idea," explains Manuel Stallion to "Bild". "Laura is young and in love with her husband, but she does not realize that he is his and her future for a stupid Telegram -Canal ruined ", the 39-year-old finds clear words. Laura Müller has not yet commented on this.

January 20, 2021

Laura Müller does advertising – but the company doesn't know anything about it

Laura Müller, 20, wants to gain a foothold again. After the scandal about her husband Michael Wendler, 48, Laura not only lost her manager, but almost all of her collaborations. But the influencer is slowly resuming her Instagram activities.

The 20-year-old recently advertised capsules made from barley grass and turmeric on her Instagram channel, and later advertised a juicer. Found food for Oliver Pocher, 42. The comedian not only made fun of the advertising on his Instagram account, but also stated that the food processor company – Nutrilovers – totally disagreed with this campaign.

The company announced the following in an official statement on its Instagram channel: "You were promoting the following products without our knowledge and there is no collaboration." The comedian reposted this statement on his account. After that, Amira Pocher's husband, 28, approached Laura Müller directly. "Laura, no opinion, no content, don't give a shit. The main thing is that money is made somewhere. And you're just as complicit if you don't distance yourself in some way. Before, you always said you were Switzerland, now you're just stupid and embarrassed that you stand in front of the camera for every product. "Clear words to the young influencer …

January 18, 2021

Laura Müller: New couple picture on Instagram

With Michael Wendler, 48, and Laura Müller, 20, everything is fine. Difficult to imagine! After all, "Der Wendler" has been making a name for himself less as a pop singer and TV star for a few months, but rather as a conspiracy theorist in the corona pandemic. Laura does not comment on her husband's statements, but one thing is clear: she has not parted with him, even if many fans keep saying so. Because now the 48-year-old posted a new couple picture of himself and the influencer.

In the snapshot, Laura and her husband stand side by side. While the Egal interpreter smiles slightly into the camera, his young wife forms a kissable mouth. "Greetings (sic) to Germany. Our thoughts are with you," wrote Michael and added a heart emoji to his headline. Laura provided the Turtel-Pic with a "Like".

In October, the ex "Let's Dance" candidate explained why she was staying with her husband. "We are a happily married couple. I love Michael. What kind of wife would I be if I abandoned him now?" Everyone should have their opinion, you are individual! ", Laura's words on Instagram.

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