Laura Müller: She would have gotten that much money from RTL for a baby

Laura Müller
Crazy baby clause in the RTL contract

Laura Müller

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All the news about Michael Wendler and Laura Müller in the Brigitte ticker: Laura Müller: Crazy baby clause in the RTL contract +++ Laura Müller: Your wedding planner wants to bring you back to Germany +++ Ex- "Let's Dance" colleagues reveal spicy detail about Laura.

News about Michael Wendler and Laura Müller in the Brigitte ticker

January 13, 2021

Laura Müller: crazy baby clause in the RTL contract

That deal is now gone! Until recently, Laura Müller, 20, and Michael Wendler, 48, were signed to RTL for several formats. But after Wendler had made speeches with conspiracy theories about the corona pandemic, RTL distanced itself from the couple. But now an interesting detail of the contract has been revealed: Laura and her husband had received a lot of money from the broadcaster for a baby.

The recently revealed "Bild": According to the newspaper, which wants to have a look at the contract, the 20-year-old and the pop singer RTL should have guaranteed "an exclusivity with regard to a possible pregnancy" up to and including December 31, 2021. The letter allegedly states: "For this, the contractual partner receives an additional exclusivity fee of 50,000 euros if there is a pregnancy."

Further details of the contract became known in this context. Overall, Laura, the Wendler and his daughter Adeline Norberg, 18, earned 800,000 euros for three formats. Among other things, the docu-soap of the 48-year-old and his wife should be continued.

January 12, 2021

Laura Müller: Your wedding planner wants to bring you back to Germany

Will Laura Müller, 20, accept this offer? Despite the headlines about the missteps of her husband Michael Wendler, 48, the 20-year-old is silent about her partner's behavior. In addition, she does not give the impression of wanting to leave the pop star. Instead, the influencer continues to stand by his side and stay with him in the USA. Her former wedding planner is now offering Laura an alternative: He wants to bring her back to Germany.

Timo Berger, who asks Wendler around 30,000 euros in flight and accommodation costs for the canceled TV wedding, addressed the influencer directly in a video on Instagram: "My offer is still there: I'll take you back to Germany , but it's your last chance. What else has to happen to wake you up? You're gone at the end of September, he said he has everything under control, nothing can happen to you, the contracts are fulfilled, your Instagram will continue, your career is not at risk, all lies. "

Then Berger tries to bring Laura closer to the seriousness of the situation: "All your collaborations are gone, the three small attempts have failed miserably. Nobody will advertise with Laura Müller anymore. And if you hide further and stay by his side, you will not change that either. " When starting over, he wants to help her with everything, emphasizes the entrepreneur vehemently.

January 11, 2021

Laura Müller: Ex- "Let's Dance" colleagues reveal a spicy detail

At "Let's Dance" Laura Müller, 20, danced at the side of Christian Polanc, 42, last year in sixth place. The memory of it should slowly fade into the background, but the headlines around the scandal of her husband Michael Wendler, 48, are not fading. The influencer, like her partner, is under attack. Despite all the antics and crude theories spread by the "no matter" interpreter, the young woman continues to stand by her "sweetheart". Comedian Oliver Pocher, 42, particularly likes to ridicule the couple. But he's not the only one. A few weeks ago, two other celebrities teased Laura Müller in his program "Pocher –Gefahrlich Ehrlich".

Ilka Bessin, 49, and Martin Klempnow, 47, were on the dance floor with Laura Müller in the same "Let's Dance" season. The 49-year-old remembers. "With Laura we actually always said she should put on a jacket. And she should put on the marriage contract. We had such parental feelings for her," jokes Ilka.

And Martin Klempnow scoffs: "I always took off my jacket and said: 'Hey, do something around your hips!'" Laura Müller liked to get dressed freely, sometimes without underwear. "I just said: 'Put on some panties!' Then when you made certain characters, we said: 'Pay attention!' "The comedian revealed.

Whether these statements are true or whether the two comedians were just joking remains unclear.

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