Laurence Rossignol: “The fight against violence against women is not clay pigeon shooting”

Yanis Darras
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9:20 a.m., September 21, 2022

Laurence Rossignol, Vice-President of the Senate and former Minister of Families, Children and Women’s Rights under François Hollande, was the guest of Europe Matin. The senator returned in particular to the case of Julien Bayou. The ecologist deputy, suspected of violence against his ex-girlfriend, announced that he would step back after his colleague Sandrine Rousseau’s appearance on the program “C à vous”.

Is Nupes going through the worst storm it has known since the start of the alliance? While rebellious France is on the front of the stage after the revelation of a handrail filed against Adrien Quatennens, it is the turn of environmentalists with Julien Bayou to be in the spotlight. Suspected of violence on his ex-companion, the ecologist was withdrawn from the co-presidency of the group in the National Assembly. An internal investigation is underway. Questioned this Wednesday morning on Europe 1, Laurence Rossignol denounced the methods of Sandrine Rousseau.

The environmentalist deputy explained at length this Monday in “C to you” on France 5, having received the ex-companion of Julien Bayou, revealing that the latter had attempted suicide. “Julien Bayou was swayed in front of public opinion”, admitted Laurence Rossignol. And to add: “The fight against violence against women is not ball-trap. We do not shoot (a politician’s note) one every day”.

“No longer choose to protect the leader”

If the vice-president of the Senate denounces the methods of Sandrine Rousseau, she claims the fight against violence against women within the Nupes. “We should no longer choose to protect the party or the leader. The parties currently function like that and it is our whole fight to make sure that they stop functioning like the Church”.

But, “for our fight to be recognized, we need clear procedures”, explains the former Minister of Families, Children and Women’s Rights at the Micro d’Europe 1. One thing is certain, the Nupes will continue to defend women against the violence they may suffer, thanks to their unit on sexist and sexual violence of the party. And in the face of certain reluctance, “nobody is obliged to be in a political party”, she concludes.

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