Laurent Bignolas: “In net I was at …”, he reveals his salary in Télématin

Passing through the program Chez Jordan, broadcast on Monday June 5, 2023 on C8, the former presenter of Télématin, Laurent Bignolas, revealed the amount of the salary he received to animate the morning show of France 2.

An emblematic program on the France 2 program schedule for several decades now, Telematin is broadcast Monday to Sunday from 6:30 a.m. on the public channel. For many years, host William Leymergie embodied this successful program. However, the historic face of the morning of France 2 decided to leave the public service in 2017, in order to join the ranks of C8, where he still presents today the daily program called William at noon. To replace him, the leaders of France Télévisions had set their sights on the journalist Laurent Bignolas.

The latter thus presented Télématin for four years. Unfortunately for him, it was pushed to release in 2021, due to the program’s disappointing ratings. From now on, two duos of presenters will embody the morning show of France 2. From Monday to Thursday, viewers of the public channel can find Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali. For their part, Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué take over from Friday to Sunday. Monday June 5, 2023, Laurent Bignolas was the guest of the host Jordan de Luxe on his show, called Chez Jordan, which is broadcast daily on the C8 antenna. During his interview, the journalist was asked about his salary.

Laurent Bignolas on his salary in Télématin: “It’s not PSG!”

Jordan de Luxe wanted to know how much Laurent Bignolas touched when he was still the presenter of Télématin. “Net, I was at 6,500 euros“, revealed the host. “6,500 euros net per month! It’s not crazy for a presenter on France Télévisions, when you know what other presenters earn!“, exclaimed his interlocutor. “It’s not PSG!“, retorted Laurent Bignolas. “There are animators who earn more than 15,000 euros per month“, made a point of recalling Jordan de Luxe. “Is this the time when you earned the most in your life?“, then asked the host of C8 to his guest, who answered in the affirmative.

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