Laurent Maistret responds to the a priori of certain candidates


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Since August 24, 2021, the new edition of Koh-Lanta is being broadcast every Tuesday evening on TF1. The production has planned an All Star cast of iconic former contestants. Questioned by Télé-Loisirs, Laurent Maistret addresses the criticisms of certain competitors.

In an interview with TV-Leisure, published on September 14, 2021, Cindy Poumeyrol, candidate of Koh-Lanta, the Legend, made confidences on his adventure in the emission of TF1. The finalist of the 2019 edition felt left out compared to candidates with high potential like Claude Dartois, Teheiura Teahui or Laurent Maistret. “I am not found in this cast of champions, hyper-prepared athletes, I was really on the margins”, she told the magazine.

On September 28, 2021, Laurent Maistret, candidate of the red tribe and winner of the 2019 edition of Koh Lanta, was also interviewed by TV-Leisure. During the interview, the media asked him in particular if he heard the words of Cindy Poumeyrol on “big fish” of the show that could sometimes oust other candidates. The host admitted not to understand the opinion of the former candidate.

“I haven’t met her in the game, although I like her a lot. She wasn’t on the men’s side, nor on my team.”, he confided. Before adding that: “People have prejudices which are false. You could think that I am with elders like Claude or Teheiura when not at all, we did not call each other to decide to move forward together.”

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The importance of strategies in Koh-lanta

For Laurent Maistret, it is possible to find each other “in the dark” of certain candidates when one does not engage in strategy or that one remains passive during the emission. “If I had not embarked on strategy to defend my place in episode 4, I would have been too. I found that in my previous seasons, I was not active enough at the strategy level because not enough in danger”, he said.

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