Laurent Ournac filled with happiness with his wife, rare secrets about his couple

Laurent Ournac is no longer a heart to take, and has been for a long time. The former host of Dance with the stars has shared his life for many years with his wife Ludivine, whom he married in July 2014. Together, they have founded a beautiful family since they are parents of Capucine, born in 2012 and Léon, born in 2019. And despite his job very demanding, since he multiplies the shootings on the right and on the left, the actor of Camping Paradise don’t forget his wife though.

Let’s not forget ourselves as a couple. We must nurture our bond, maintain it, deepen it with the years that pass in our history. We also want to experience things without our children, alternate family moments and those for us, in love.” he said. To do this, the 42-year-old actor does not hesitate to plan small romantic weekends with his sweetheart. Moments that he often shares on his Instagram account.

Maintaining the flame, “a daily job”

“We can never do enough! We try to find each other once in a whileas regularly as possible, often during an event, such as birthdays” he said during this interview. For him, keeping the flame burning is “daily work“.”These privileged moments contributebut it remains a luxury that we have the chance to afford” he acknowledges. “Very fusional and connected all day“, the two lovebirds therefore know how to go about maintaining this flame between them, despite their eleven years, approximately, of difference.

And this is not the first time that Laurent Ournac has spoken well of his couple, and especially of his wife. In July 2021, still for the same magazine, he prided himself on having “an amazing woman“who reserves for him”full of surprises“.”We are very focused on the little touches” he added. Everything seems to be going for the best so for once, which

A daily life far from being a routine for the couple, who seem happier than ever!

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