Laurent Ournac: his wife's pretty surprise for her 40th birthday: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

TF1 will broadcast new episodes of the series on July 6, 2020 Camping Paradis. On this occasion, the actor Laurent Ournac gave an interview to our colleagues from TV 7 days in their issue of June 22, 2020. In this interview, he took the opportunity to talk about his confinement and spoke about his birthday which, this year, had a different taste. Laurent Ournac therefore revealed that for his fortieth birthday, his wife Ludivine had given him some nice surprises: "It was a beautiful sunny day, and that plays on the mood of a man celebrating his 40th birthday! My wife had everything prepared behind my back and compiled videos of my friends, my family … ", he explained.

Laurent Ournac, a conductor

Surrounded by his two children, Capucine 7 years old and Léon 1 year old, the former presenter of Dance with the stars on TF1 took advantage of the moment, even far from those close to it: "This party was different from the one I had imagined for my 40 spring, but it was very successful. And it was a great way to attack this new decade ", continued Laurent Ournac. The one who made himself known on the show My Amazing Fiance, in 2005, added a new string to his bow. Indeed, if he is an actor and presenter, Laurent Ournac is also a director! He notably directed the fifth episode of season 11 of Camping Paradis entitled "My life is Beautiful". A new exercise that appeals to him enormously:"It's a real pleasure, especially since here, we work as a family […] I like working with the actors, directing them and I'm learning more and more to have a technical eye, the notion of rhythm, cutting, mounting … everything that brings strength to the end result. It’s a conductor's job, so ", he revealed. If he has already made 3 episodes of Camping Paradis, Laurent Ournac does not rule out carrying out other projects "in which he will not play."

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