Laurent Ruquier celebrates his 56 years: this absurd gift idea from his companion: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Fortunately for his companion, Laurent Ruquier has a sense of humor. At the helm of the show Big heads sure RTL on Friday February 26, 2021, the host unveiled the strange present that his partner Benoît Petitjean wanted to give him for his 56th birthday, celebrated two days earlier. Usually discreet about his private life, it was in his traditional column on personalities' quotes that he let himself go. a confidence that made his columnists laugh. Using the phrase of Woody Allen: "I got up this morning, but as the universe is expanding, it took longer to find my dressing gown", Laurent Ruquier was treated to a few jokes on this reflection deemed dated because of "the dressing gown".

To which, the producer replied: "Don't believe it! To be honest, since it was my birthday this week, a few friends asked, 'What can we do as a present'… And my companion replied: 'a dressing gown'". Amused by this anecdote, Christophe Beaugrand spontaneously launched: "Oh shit…" Hilarious, the main interested party continued his story: "Someone replied: 'And why not a place in an Ehpad too'". Trying – as best he could – to defend his companion's idea, far from convincing his columnists, Laurent Ruquier said: “It's still very pleasant, rather than walking around in underwear… you know, there is an age when we like to be covered”. A gift idea far from unanimous …

Laurent Ruquier confides in his married life

In a relationship with the actor since 2002, Laurent Ruquier reveals very little about their life together. On numerous occasions he refused to pose for magazines with his companion seen in the television series Clara sheller or in the movies Small handkerchiefs and Depressions and friends. "We are often offered to do newspaper headlines. I always refuse! Not because we are two boys, but because I refuse to expose my privacy in this way. I don't want to talk about it to promote myself ", he explained to TV Mag in 2011. As for the notoriety of his companion, he added: "It's hard to live with someone who is famous and who seems loved by others, if only by the public. Today he even became friends with my friends. "

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