Laurent Ruquier confides in his new salary on BFMTV: “I didn’t make a financial deal”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It’s the big day for Laurent Ruquier. On Monday September 25, 2023, the former host of France 2 will take his first steps on BFMTV. With Julie Hammet, he will host the very first episode of 8 p.m. from Ruquier. The presenter will thus be able to launch a new challenge, as he confides to our colleagues at Tele-Leisurethe same day. “It’s a one-hour segment of news and debates with my take on the news. There will be the three major topics of the day and analyzes with debaters. I will sometimes take a small step aside from the news covered throughout the day. For almost 30 years, I have read all the newspapers, every morning. Not much escapes me!”, he blurted. Laurent Ruquier also wishes to clarify his role and that of Julie Hammet who will accompany him every evening of the week. “I have never considered myself a journalist and I will not be one tomorrow. The journalist will be Julie. I will be a debate moderator. I could be accused of the same thing as had criticized Pascal Praud at the beginning, since he had been put in the sports journalist box”, he confides.

Laurent Ruquier: “I have already earned a good living”

It’s clear, Laurent Ruquier also talks about the salary he will receive on BFMTV. Having left the public service, does the presenter earn a better living being on a private channel? “No. I didn’t do a financial deal!” he begins by confiding, laughing. “Just by doing only Children of TV this season on France 2, as the channel wanted, I would have earned a better living than on BFMTV. It’s not money that motivates me. I already earned a good living”, he wants to clarify. For Laurent Ruquier, the objective of taking on this challenge is quite different.At 60, I want to do things that I enjoy and above all be appreciated by the people who employ me. It’s my engine. There are three rules: that I am happy, that there are enough viewers and that my employers are happy too. If these three rules are respected, everyone will want to continue.”

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