Laurent Voulzy evokes the “bizarre” behavior of a priest when he was a child


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On October 5, the Sauvé report revealed that 216,000 minors have been sexually assaulted by members of the Church since 1950. On the antenna of France Bleu, Laurent Voulzy confided in a personal anecdote.

The Sauvé report shocked the whole world. Revealed on October 5 by the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church, it reports at least 216,000 minors victims of sexual assault by members of the Church between 1950 and 2020.
Guest of the show Ma France by Wendy Bouchard, on France Bleu on October 12, singer Laurent Voulzy spoke on the subject. “The scandal is enormous. It really is horrible. It is far from being the majority but it exists“, he commented. The artist also referred to the inappropriate behavior of a priest towards him, when he was very young:”When I was a child a priest asked me strange questions once“, he begins by explaining. He adds:”Nothing happened. I thought it was weird, I went home. I was ten or eleven years old.

As a reminder, the Sauvé report estimates that there would have been around 3,000 sexual predatory priests between 1950 and 2020. For 17 months, 6,500 testimonies of victims and relatives were collected.

A love for the architecture of churches

Laurent Voulzy also spoke of his attachment to ecclesiastical buildings which particularly fascinate him: “Cathedrals are not only constructions. They are grimoires. ” Information that is not surprising since in 2012, he toured exclusively in churches and castles. A concert even took place in the church of Saint-Eustache in Paris. “These secret maxims, these hidden truths have always fascinated me, I, who am in search, I, who want to believe in spirit as strong as matter, in spirituality more than in dogma, in the invisible world veiled by visible realities, ”he continued.

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