Laury Thilleman: this call from a minister she received during confinement: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Laury Thilleman is a big fashion fan. Former Miss France launched his own clothing brand a few years ago, Parisian and then. Aware of the ecological challenges of such an approach, it decided to adopt eco-responsible, ethical values, but also largely made in France. A risky bet but which seems to be bearing fruit. Indeed, his business interested Brune Poirson. Seduced by its concept, the Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition contacted the former beauty queen during confinement, as this explained in the columns of 7 Days TV, on newsstands Monday June 1st. An event that marked the 28-year-old sportswoman.

Brune Poirson is interested in Laury Thilleman's brand

During this interview, the ex-miss France came back on that amazing phone call. "She was curious to understand our economic model: how we had made a brand made in France so accessible", she explained before concluding: "It's rewarding to receive such a call!", she said. Another of his activities is very close to his heart. This is the restaurant she founded with her husband, called Vida. "Juan is in the kitchen, I take care of the decor and the communication", she revealed. And to continue. "We get along very well, we have two complementary energies, but in work, you never know how things will go. We want to make him take the right direction."

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