Lay on the grass verge – Donaustadt murder: parents identified victims (13)

The murder victim discovered in Vienna-Donaustadt on Saturday morning is a 13-year-old girl. The parents identified their child, as it became known on Sunday evening. The girl was discovered dead on a green strip, she was asphyxiated according to the autopsy.

The parents came to a police station in Lower Austria on Sunday and stated that it was their daughter, said police spokesman Markus Dittrich on Sunday evening.

Personal description published
The police published a personal description of the victim on Sunday – including the clothes. The young woman was wearing a black hoodie with the words “Live or Die” on it, black and white checked trousers and white Nike trainers.

According to media reports, the parents went to a police station. You are now being looked after by a crisis intervention team. Several concerned parents whose daughters were missing had also reported to the police.

Age initially estimated at 18 years
Initially, the police had estimated the age of the dead at around 18 years. All of the deportation notices were searched, but none had matched the dead. In the vicinity of the place where the body was found, photos of the young woman were shown to neighbors, Dittrich reported that she was not recognized by anyone. The personal description was then published to clarify the identity.

How the young woman got to the site was initially unclear. The parents’ questioning was still pending. The investigators hope that this will provide information about the girl’s environment.

This year already 14 feminicides in Austria
This year, 14 women have been (presumably) murdered by an (ex) partner in Austria. That had triggered a debate about protection against violence. After a round table with victim protection institutions in May, the government announced as an immediate measure to raise an additional 24.6 million euros for protection against violence. Violence protection agencies had demanded 228 million.