Layering: 5 tricks on how to style the onion look cool

5 tricks on how to style the onion look cool

Street style layering look from New York

© Vincenzo Grillo / Imaxtree

Layering is super stylish and perfect for the cold season. The onion look remains practical anyway. We'll tell you how it's done!

Layering: This is how the classic onion look works

Layering involves combining several layers that together make a harmonious outfit, but also work individually. It is particularly important to combine different lengths. Layering is particularly interesting with different materials, colors and patterns. The following applies: less is more! You should mix a maximum of three materials.

Tip: Always choose a tight-fitting garment as a basis. This should not be too thick, but still protect against wind and cold.

Magic silhouette

The most important fashion rule in layering is to combine wide with narrow parts. A look is immediately balanced. With this trick we can easily emphasize our assets! If our look needs even more structure, we go for one Waist belt. This immediately conjures up a slim waist and combines our layering pieces into a harmonious outfit.

Must-haves when it comes to layering

A classic, tight turtleneck sweater is an absolute must-have when it comes to layering. We can wear it under everything: with T-shirts for a casual look, under clothes to make them suitable for winter or in combination with a blouse for a chic outfit. Speaking of blouse: a classic white model Shouldn't be missing in any wardrobe anyway, but especially for layering it is often used!

New jackets

With layering (almost) everything is allowed! It gets especially interesting when we reinvent our clothes. Here, for example, a dress was simply converted into a coat. The Scandinavians love this style especially with long ones Denim dresses. A thinner variant would be a blouse that we style as a cardigan.

From old to new!

Not only jackets can be redesigned: How about the next time we style a cardigan as a top and layer a chic jacket with it? We can convert t-shirts into cool clothes for a rocky look. But dresses can also be put in a different light very easily: by wearing them with t-shirts or sweaters, they can be easily converted into skirts.

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