Layers of Fear shows off its artistic qualities ahead of its June release

Touted as the best way to get to know or relive the franchise Layers of Fear, the psychological horror game is exhibited for about ten minutes to show that it takes full advantage of the features of the Unreal Engine 5. 4K resolution, HDR and ray tracing coexist with Lumen (the illumination system and engine reflection) to enhance the nerve-wracking atmosphere of the adventure. Aimed at both connoisseurs and newcomers, this Layers of Fear combines the events of Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, including additional content, into a single adventure.

The sum of All Fears

A never-before-seen chapter called “The Final Note” will offer an alternate perspective on the events of the first game from the perspective of the painter’s wife. The video also allows us to discover the author, a new character joining the painter and the actor, whose adventure in an isolated lighthouse is supposed to connect all the episodes. We also discover a new mechanic, the lantern, which adds a little interaction and will be essential to face threats. Also new on the soundtrack side thanks to new music composed by Arek Reikowski (The Medium).

Layers of Fear is a tribute to our fans. The game has shaped how we strive to create the best horror experiences possible, and we hope our community will enjoy what we consider the crowning glory of the series. “comments Bloober Team, which co-developed this title with Anshar Studios. Its release is scheduled for June 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and Steam.

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