Lazy criminal – burglar was on the prowl with the shopping cart

It is comfortable, but also quite outrageous: A crook (30) was on a theft tour in Linz with a shopping cart. Thanks to a witness, the thief was caught.

A witness from the Steyr-Land district observed a male person on August 1, 2021 at around 6.30 p.m. as they drove out of an apartment building in Linz with an entire shopping cart filled with various everyday items. Since he suspected a break-in, he called the police.

Caught in action
The arriving officers were able to enter the 30-year-old from the Linz-Land district in the act as he was trying to break into a bicycle lock in the immediate vicinity of the first crime scene. The perpetrator was arrested and the shopping cart with the stolen items was secured. A rapid drug test was positive. The investigations and interrogations are still ongoing.