Lazy day: smartphone apps for a quiet day

Lazy Day
Smartphone apps for a quiet day

The following apps can help you have a relaxing day.

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Americans celebrate Lazy Day on August 10th. Here are a few suggestions for everyone who would like to celebrate.

On August 10th, the US unofficially celebrates Lazy Puff Day. If you really want to switch off in this country, the following apps could help. All applications are available for both iOS and Android.

Relaxation begins in the head

Apps like “Headspace” or “Calm” can help, among other things, to learn meditation techniques, reduce stress and simply relax. The apps are not only suitable for advanced and experienced users, even beginners are slowly introduced to the basics and exercises.

Food at your doorstep

Cooking on lazy day? It’s good that there are delivery services. Whether sushi, pizza, burgers or burritos – there is something for every taste and every mood. Once you’ve made your decision, the finished dishes come via apps like from Lieferando, About Eats or Bringbutler directly to the front door.

The right entertainment

The best entertainment at the push of a button is available around the clock thanks to the numerous streaming services. Why not watch a whole season binge, so watch all episodes in one go? “Bridgerton”, “Vikings”, “The Crown”, “The Walking Dead”, “Loki”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Peaky Blinders” – the selection at Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney + is huge!

Of trees and farms

Video games can also be just the thing for a lazy day. There are titles that can even have a particularly relaxing effect – including, for example “Prune” and “Stardew Valley”. In the beautifully designed “Prune”, players let a tree grow and flourish. In “Stardew Valley”, gamers rejuvenate an old farm at their own pace, take care of animals and plants, go fishing and more.