LDC: aims for the milestone of 5.8 billion euros in turnover

( – Sales amounted to 2,735.5 ME in the 1st half (March to August) against 2,396.1 ME in the 1st half of 2021-2022, up 14.2% (+13.2% at identical perimeter and constant exchange rate). The volumes marketed fell by 3.3% and by 4.2% at identical scope.

The half-yearly sales of the poultry division excluding upstream recorded an increase of 11.4% in value to 1,832.6 ME against 1,645.3 ME with volumes down 5.5%.

Current operating profit amounted to 120.9 ME (4.4% of turnover compared to 4.3% over the same period of the previous financial year).

The Group has the ambition to cross the threshold of 5.8 billion euros in turnover associated with a current operating margin rate of at least 4.5%.

‘ In the medium term, LDC confirms all of the objectives set as part of its strategic plan: to cross the threshold of 7 billion euros in turnover in 5 years. This new dimension must be accompanied by an increase in profitability with a target of nearly 560 ME in EBITDA for the 2026-2027 financial year, up 40% compared to 2021-2022 ‘indicates the group.

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