LDLC would bet on a CS:GO team of young people for 2022

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The foxes of LDLC had been advancing in the shadows for a few months. While everyone took a rest during the end of year celebrations, the mystery remained complete on the composition of the roster for the year 2022. For a while, we sent the DBL PONY collective to LDLC, but this one it ended up finding happiness with the Belgian structure HEET. We also talked about a possible extension of the trio Maka/KeoZ/hAdji but the discussions would have eventually collapsed. According to our colleagues from 1PV, the leaders would have finally decided to focus on another project, totally different. They would rely on a young team which is still little known and which only asks to progress. The choice may seem risky, but the story would be all the more beautiful if successful!

A new generation at Team LDLC

The information is not yet official, but 1PV seems certain of its sources. The roster GenOne should wear the colors of LDLC this year. The roster is chaperoned by former pro player Sébastien “KRL” Perez and has young profiles still little known on the scene.

  • Philip”gravity” Brankovic
  • Remy”Diviii“Alexander
  • Ryan”Neityu” Aubrey
  • Hugo”Brooxsy” Di Bono
  • Florian”Electus” Delearde

The latter gravitate between the professional world and the amateur world and they will have the opportunity by joining this historic structure to pass a stage to discover and why not impose themselves at the highest level. Even if LDLC no longer shines as much as during its golden era, it remains an institution with a history and a legacy that weighs heavily.

For its part, the trio Maka/KeoZ/hAdji will have to rack their brains to bounce back somewhere else.


France no longer really had a 100% blue team to support on CS:GO since the strong sporting choices made by G2 Esports and Team Vitality. But the cavalry arrived with the DBL PONY collective which finally found an organization to be recruited after months of trouble.

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