Le Dîner de Cons: Just Leblanc exists for real, and he sells cheese!

In 2022, in a TF1 television news program, a cheesemaker from Haut-Jura was interviewed by journalists. Her name ? Just Leblanc. Enough to bring back some amused memories for fans of the “Dîner de Cons”.

In The Day of Scourge, a drama directed by John Schlesinger in 1975, the main character played by Donald Sutherland is called Homer Simpson. In the thriller Trap in Troubled Waters, Bruce Willis plays a man named Tom Hardy. In The Minute of Truth by Jean Delannoy, the character played by Jean Gabin is called Pierre Richard. And in the fantasy film Troll, released 11 years before the famous works of JK Rowling, the young hero is called Harry Potter.

In short, in cinema, there are many improbable and amusing homonyms, and always have been. But sometimes these funny surname coincidences happen in real life!

Just Leblanc

In January 2022, in front of their television set, spectators watching the 8 p.m. news on TF1 were able to see this in a rather pleasing way as part of a report dedicated to Jura dairy products, by listening to the testimony from a professional cheesemaker named… Just Leblanc.

Obviously, as soon as we see the two little words on the interview card, it’s impossible not to immediately think of the character played by Francis Huster in Le Dîner de Cons by Francis Veber, and whose name had precisely given rise to one of the tastiest dialogues in the film.

“Your first name is François, is that correct?”

“- His name is Just Leblanc

– Ah good ? Does he not have a first name?

– I just told you, Just Leblanc. Leblanc is his name. And it’s Just, his first name. Mr. Pignon, your first name is François, is that correct? Well, he’s the same, he’s Just!”

This amusing combination of circumstances (in particular on TF1 where the famous comedy carried by Jacques Villeret and Thierry Lhermitte is regularly broadcast) did not fail to make viewers smile, many of whom reacted to X.

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