League of Legends: Vampire Briar will bleed the Rift on September 13

  • Passive Skill – Scarlet Curse

Briar’s attacks and abilities inflict a stacking bleed that heals her for a portion of the damage dealt.
Due to her permanent hunger, Briar lacks natural HP regeneration, but the less HP she has, the more her healing is boosted.
Bleed damage not applied due to an enemy dying also allows Briar to heal.

Briar leaps onto a unit, stuns it, breaks its armor, and inflicts damage. While under the effects of Blood Frenzy, Briar no longer prioritizes champions if the ability targets a minion or monster.

  • W – Blood Frenzy/Just a Fang

Briar leaps forward and bursts his pillory. She succumbs to Blood Frenzy and relentlessly pursues the closest enemy (prioritizing champions). While in frenzy, his movement and attack speeds increase, and his attacks deal area damage around his target.

Briar can reactivate the skill to take a FANG on her target on the next attack, which deals additional damage based on missing HP and heals her proportionally to the damage dealt.

Briar recovers her spirits, breaks free from Blood Frenzy, and channels her energy into a powerful scream that deals damage and slows enemies.
When she charges her scream, the damage she takes is reduced and she heals a portion of her max HP. A fully charged shout knocks enemies back, deals bonus damage, and stuns enemies if they hit a wall.

Briar launches a hemolith across the map which marks the first enemy hit. Briar flies up to him, scaring off other enemies upon arrival, and goes into a state of complete haematomania. It pursues its prey until the death of one of the two. She gains the effects of Blood Frenzy as well as additional armor, magic resist, lifesteal, and movement speed.

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