leaks confirm its impressive power

Following a leak on the Tesla UK website, new information is emerging on the Tesla Model 3 Performance 2024. This advanced version will be equipped with adaptive suspensions and already claims more than 500 horsepower.

tesla model 3 performance 2024

Unveiled prematurely via the source code of the official Tesla UK website, the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous is preparing to undergo a significant transformation for its edition 2024. Previously unknown details about the improvements of this sports sedan were revealed well before the official announcement by the brand.

The next generation of the Model 3 Ludicrous – or Performance while awaiting official confirmation of its designation – displays impressive characteristics. With a power exceeding 500 horsepowerit positions itself as the most powerful Model 3 never produced. This increase in power is accompanied by new driving units, including front and rear electric motors. optimized for maximum performance.

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance promises 500 horsepower and new suspensions

THE front enginedesignated by Tesla under the code name “3D3”, is capable of producing up to 201 kilowatts (around 270 horsepower). While the rear enginecalled “4D2”, can deliver up to 303 kW (approximately 406 horsepower). These engines have been designed to deliver a combined power output in excess of 500 horsepower, while optimizing the delivery of this power at high speeds, which is crucial for acceleration and overall performance on track or in turns.

Tesla also reviewed the suspension system. The introduction of a adaptive suspension controlled by new software optimizes road behavior by combining sportiness and comfort. This system allowsadjust the firmness of the shock absorbers depending on the road, thus offering more pleasant driving.

THE “Track Mode V3″, another new feature, increases the vehicle’s customization capability. This mode adjusts the calibration of the suspensions and the engine group to maximize command response and driving pleasure. It allows users to change the car’s balance, stability controls, and even regenerative braking according to their preferences.

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 Performance now incorporates a specific chassis and suspensions, designed to respond precisely to the driver’s commands. These adjustments are accompanied by a improved pedal feel and optimized heat management. These will ensure constant performance in sustained driving.

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